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It’s easy to get a free appraisal with AgentIQ. No matter what type of property you own, we will connect you with experienced agents who can provide you with a fast assessment of the value you can expect your property to sell for.

Agents are experienced property valuers and they will assess your property information and provide you with a good idea of the market value. They work with many property types and can help you with ideas on simple actions you can take to prepare the property and increase the likely sale price.

Registered Valuers

Most real estate agents are not registered valuers, for insurance or lending purposes. However, agents regularly perform current market appraisals, often with many years of experience, that consider many factors including the property size, location and proximity to amenities like schools and shopping centres. What will home buyers be willing to pay for your Auckland property? A current market appraisal can provide you with a good idea. To get your free appraisal, enter your residential property address above.

Property Values & More

You want to have a clear idea about the amount you can expect to receive for your property, and the agents we connect you with will help. They provide expert property services, so along with giving you a good idea about your house price, they can also assist with helping you sell your property. An accurate appraisal is essential to ensure you go into the selling process with realistic expectations.

Free Appraisals in New Zealand

The agents you’ll find here can assist you right across the city’s suburbs including central Auckland, the CBD, Manukau, the North Shore, Waitakare and across the wider Auckland region.

Free Appraisals From Top Performing Local Agents

The findings from our research finds that some agents consistently provide more accurate appraisals and sell for a better price. We only select the top performing agents available to complete your free appraisal.


The top performing real estate agents in Auckland are 45% more likely to sell for the asking price or above.


The top performing agents achieve a sale price 2.3% higher than the average agent in their neighbourhood, netting their clients an extra $19,100 on average.


The top performing agents sell property faster, with 9.9% fewer days on market compared to the average sale.

How AgentIQ Property Appraisals Work in Auckland

1)   Request A Property Appraisal

Request your appraisal from up to three top performing agents. Our ranking system instantly assesses local sales results and Auckland real estate agent reviews to find the best agents to complete your property appraisal.

2)   Receive Your Free Appraisal

You'll receive a comprehensive property appraisal, containing the estimate sale price, comparable sales results in your area, and a quote for selling the property (the proposed fees and/or commission). Agents typically also provide advice on how to achieve a top price when selling.

3)   Rate Your Agent

After receiving your appraisal we'll ask you to complete a review, to gather feedback on the agent's performance and tailor our agent recommendations for similar vendors in future.

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