Chris Day


Chris Day is a real estate agent with Professionals in Wellington.

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Chris Day Reviews

Elizabeth Gray   VERIFIED

9 Tedder Way, Karori, Wellington
Chris was energetic, straight-forward, optimistic, and I felt confident he was giving accurate and well-reasoned advice. I appreciated his very practical focus. I also feel he has a better handle on Karori real estate than anyone else in Wellington.

(1 = Not likely, 10 = Very likely)

Ashley Church   VERIFIED

PO Box 99538
Chris was highly professional in his approach - keeping us informed at all stages of the process and going the extra mile to ensure an outcome we were happy with. We would definitely recommend his services.

(1 = Not likely, 10 = Very likely)

Danny Stubbe   VERIFIED

19 South Karori Road, Karori, Wellington
I had a very specific strategy and price in mind when selling our home. I received quotes from three other agents, and one came very close to being signed. However, we had doubts at the back of our minds, doubts about the price being discussed, and doubts about the approach and sales method. I then recalled my experience with Chris when attempting to purchase another home. I’ll be honest, I didn’t like the experience. I challenged myself, why didn’t I like dealing with Chris. The reason was quite simple. No matter what strategy I employed, I couldn’t beat him. I’m not green, I’ve bought and sold many homes, but I simply couldn’t find an angle to beat Chris, and ultimately, he got me to put an offer in that was at least $30,000 more than I thought I should pay. I didn’t win that tender, so obviously someone wanted the house more. Later, I found a great home to buy, a real project, but that meant I needed top dollar for my home, a home I poured my heart and soul into when I renovated. So when I decided to list, I had a choice to make. Do list with a great guy who I really like as a human, or do list with an agent who i would NEVER want to buy a house off. I chose Chris 😊. turns out that Chris is a pretty decent human, but I chose him because he is the ultimate sales machine, and one thing is for certain, he works for the vendor. Chris was highly effective when it came to communication. Chris is open and honest, and he has integrity. Make no mistake, he will get the job done, and I am 100% sure that we made the right choice. He sold our home, he sold quickly, he got us the right price, he is the Machine!

(1 = Not likely, 10 = Very likely)

Rebecca Edmunds   VERIFIED

[email protected]
Chris sold my property in very little time for a very good price. He was absolutely brilliant. I was really impressed with his ability to think outside of the box and offer solutions to problems which could have easily slowed the selling process right down. At the same time he also found me a house to buy. Fantastic! Chris is perfect for anyone buying or selling but especially for people in less than straight forward situations. His communication skills and common sense makes everything easy.

(1 = Not likely, 10 = Very likely)

Daniel Barber   VERIFIED

21A Woodhouse Avenue, Karori, Wellington
Chris made the whole selling process stress-free. He really knows the local area and was quite passionate about our property. The final result was better than we had hoped.

(1 = Not likely, 10 = Very likely)