How To Sell Your Property For More

AgentIQ provides free tools, insights and information to help you achieve a top price when selling a property in New Zealand.


Find the top performing agents in your area

We track sales results and customer reviews to rank the top local real estate agents for your property

Our ranking system instantly assesses sales results and customer reviews to identify the agents most likely to get the best result when selling your home.


Identify a target buyer for your property

Tailor your marketing and presentation to target your ideal buyer.

Investors, first home buyers, downsizers, growing families and property developers all look for different things in a property.

We analyse your property, recent sales, census data and local ownership records to help you identify a target buyer profile and tailor your marketing and presentation appropriately.


Identify the top performing sales method in your area

Auction, tender, negotiation, deadline sale or listing with a price? Find out what method of sale achieves the best result in your area in the current market.


Identify which marketing techniques are effective for your target buyer

Find out if tactics like home staging and social media are a good idea for marketing your property.


Find out what the local agencies charge

Identify the average commission in your area so you don't overpay

We process a high volume of agency quotes so we have unique insights into the fees charged to vendors.

Find out the average fee in your area and compare quotes easily with our fee calculator.


Prepare your property for sale with our checklist

The 100 most important jobs to complete before you sell.

Save your progress as you work through this 100 point checklist. Completing it will ensure your property is looking it's best and help avoid complications during the sales process.


Find out what your house is worth

Identify the likely sale price for your home in the current market

You'll get a current market valuation, tips on how to increase the sale price and a list of sales results for comparable properties in your area.


Get competitive quotes from the top local real estate agents

Agents compete for your listing so you get a better deal.