Frequently asked questions

Here is a collection of answers to the most frequently asked questions about using AgentIQ.

AgentIQ helps you to achieve better results when selling property:

  1. Free guides, tools, advice and checklists on preparing a property to achieve a top sale price

  2. Find a top performing local real estate agent for your property

Preparing a property for sale

Achieving a fast sale and a top sale price requires planning and preparation. We analyse sales results to determine how to sell for a top price in your area.

Finding a top performing local real estate agent

Our agent ranking system instantly assesses every active agent in your local area to recommend a shortlist of the best agents for your individual property. Our recommendations are based on sales results and customer reviews. You can use AgentIQ to view agent performance statistics, access customer reviews, compare sales results, get quotes from the top agents and arrange a property appraisal. Get started →
We identify the top performing agents by analyzing real estate sales and listings data, alongside verified agent ratings and reviews. The algorithms we have developed do this automatically and in real-time, to objectively rank the best local agents for your property.

Our goal is to help you identify the best possible agent for you and your property, so you can sell your property quickly and for the best possible price.

To determine which agents achieve the best sale prices, we analyze and compare price related data points like asking-price, final sales price and neighbourhood price trends.

The results show that the top performing agents consistently sell property for more money. The top ranking agents on AgentIQ achieve a sale price that is 2.3% higher on average, netting their clients a healthy $19,100 price premium on average.

Our analysis shows the top ranking agents are also 45% more likely to sell a property for the asking price or above.
AgentIQ is free to use for property owners. Our home-preparation and agent-research services are all free of charge. Agents pay us a fee for the ability to manage their profile on AgentIQ and respond to vendor enquiries, but they are not allowed to pass on any AgentIQ costs to you at any stage.
Yes, AgentIQ is privately owned and is not affiliated with any service providers or real estate agencies.

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