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The Top Agents Achieve Better Results

We analyze sales results to measure the difference.


The top performing agents are 45% more likely to sell for the asking price or above.


The top performing agents achieve a sale price 2.3% higher than the average agent in their neighbourhood, netting their clients an extra $19,100 on average.


The top performing agents sell property faster, taking 9.9% fewer days than the average sale.

How AgentIQ Works For Sellers

1)   Find The Top Performers

Our ranking system instantly assesses local sales results and customer reviews to find the best agents for your individual property.

2)   Compare Local Sales, Ratings and Fees

Access agent performance reports that compare sales results, ratings and fees - all in one convenient place.

3)   Rate your agent

After you've worked with an agent we'll ask you to rate their performance.

Your rating feeds back into our ranking system and gets published on our website for future property owners to consider when selecting an agent.

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Finding a top agent for a great price

Costs relating to your choice of real estate agent fall into several buckets. There are direct costs such as marketing costs and commission to pay once the property sells. There are also potential indirect costs such as selling below market value and a long sales period.

These indirect costs are less visible and harder to quantify, but they can be significant.  Our analysis shows that the top agents sell for $19,000 more than the average agent. The stakes are higher the more your property is worth.

Accordingly, it is important to consider the indirect costs when comparing proposals from prospective agents.

To minimise the risk of high indirect costs it's best to approach the agent selection process in the following order:

  1. Identify the top performing local real estate agents.
  2. Shortlist two or three agents and request an appraisal.
  3. Negotiate a competitive fee.

In contrast, if your first step is to shortlist agents based on which agents charge lower fees, there is a greater risk you will hire a poor agent and you may not realise the full potential value of your property. Saving $5,000 on agent fees is not worth it if you sell for $19,000 below market value. A long sales process can also disrupt your plans or increase your financing costs if you have already purchased another property.

When you request a quote through AgentIQ, the agents know you are comparing their proposal with the best local agents.  You'll receive a competitive quote from a proven top performer in your neighbourhood.


About AgentIQ

Our mission

The stakes are high when selling property, so good advice and a top agent can make a big difference to the result.

It's hard to know how which agents will do a good job though. So we set out to build a service that helps owners make better decisions when preparing their home for sale and selecting an agent.

How does AgentIQ find the best agent for your property?

We analyse real estate data to identify which agents are selling similar properties in your area for the best prices and the highest customer ratings.

Why use AgentIQ?

Selling property is significant financial transaction and selecting an agent is a critical part of the process. The right agent can make all the difference.

Using AgentIQ will help you find the best local agents based on their past performance, so you can make an informed decision. Agents compete, so you can save money too.