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AgentIQ ranks NZ real estate agents to help you find the best agent to sell your home for the best possible price. We combine data from NZ real estate agent reviews and local sales results to compare and rank the best agents in your area.


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We make it easy to find the top real estate salespeople to sell your property in New Zealand for the best price.

All homeowners want to achieve a great result when selling their property and to do that, you need the support of a top performing agent. AgentIQ is here to help you find one.

With AgentIQ, you can quickly discover the best realty agents and real estate companies who have expertise in your local property market. They will help you prepare the property for sale and design a marketing campaign to get your property in front of the maximum number of potential buyers looking for a new home or investment property. The campaign will use the agent's real estate marketing expertise, but also their network of partnerships, social media, open homes and knowledge of your local housing market.

Navigating the real estate market can be tough, especially when dealing with factors like real estate commission rates and negotiating price. So finding a real estate agency with longstanding experience in the real estate industry, both home buying and selling, is essential.

Selling Your Home In NZ - Agent Stats

Our analysis finds that the top performing agents in New Zealand consistently sell homes for more money and sell homes faster, with fewer days on market.


The top performing agents are 45% more likely to sell for the asking price or above.


The top performing agents achieve a sale price 2.3% higher than the average agent in their neighbourhood, netting their clients an extra $19,100 on average.


The top performing agents sell property faster, with 9.9% fewer days on market compared to the average sale.

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How AgentIQ Works For Sellers in NZ

1)   Find The Top Performers

Our ranking system instantly assesses local sales results and NZ real estate agent reviews to find the best agents for your individual property.

2)   Compare Local Sales, Ratings and Fees

Access agent performance reports, compare NZ real estate agent fees, commissions, sales results and ratings - all in one convenient place.

3)   Rate your agent

After you've worked with an agent we'll ask you to rate their performance.

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