Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent When Selling

When you’re thinking of hiring a real estate agent to sell your home, it pays have some questions prepared to help you figure out if they’re a good fit. Your questions should help you to verify they have the right experience and expertise selling properties like yours, with a track record to prove it.

Here are some questions to get you started.

Ask about their experience, local knowledge and performance

  • How long have you been selling residential real estate?
  • How many properties have you sold in your real estate career?
  • What properties have you marketed in my area in the last 6 months? What did they sell for and why? 
  • Who are the active buyers in my area in the last few months? 
  • How many of your listings in the past 6 months were successfully sold? 
  • What is the median days-on-market in my area at the moment? 
  • For how many days were your recent listings on the market before selling?

Ask about the appraisal process

  • What approach do you take when preparing an appraisal?
  • How often do you sell for less than your appraised value?
  • How often do you sell for more than your appraised value?
  • What properties did you select when looking at comparable sales? How is my property different?

Ask about their proposed sales strategy

  • How will you achieve a top price for my property?
  • How will you promote my property to existing buyers in your database? How big is this audience?
  • How will you describe my property to potential buyers? What are it’s best features?
  • What advertising do you recommend? 
  • What is the profile of the likely buyer for my property?
  • How do you follow up with buyers after they have viewed the property?
  • How will you generate a sense of competition among buyers?
  • What method of sale do you recommend?
  • How should I prepare the property for sale?
  • How should I present the property during the marketing process? Is home staging worthwhile?
  • What negotiation techniques do you use when working with buyers?

Ask their previous clients

  • How was your experience working with the agent?
  • How likely are you to recommend the agent? Have you recommended their services to any friends or family already?
  • Was your initial appraisal accurate?
  • Were you happy with the ultimate sale price?
  • Was the agent responsive and did they provide regular updates?