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Reviews for Pi Agents

VERIFIED13 Walworth Avenue, Pakuranga Heights, Auckland
Very good very helpful kind and loving se know what she's doing l recommend any one

(1 = Not likely, 10 = Very likely)
VERIFIED111 Clovelly Road, Bucklands Beach, Auckland
Tina has been amazing in her presentation in representing me in the process of selling my property. I find her to be incredibly professional, courteous and honest. She has shown that she undeniably put my interest at heart. I've been very happy with her approach and successful outcome. She's a dynamic salesperson and appreciate her suggestion to improve presentation of property. Thank you very much Tina!

(1 = Not likely, 10 = Very likely)
19 Castlebane Drive, Flat Bush, Auckland
Tina is nice, patient with her professional performance. She knows how to build a rapport with her client in a very short time. She did an excellent job in selling our property, put in a lot of hard work towards the very satisfactory outcomes. I will highly recommend her to my friends and also choose her again when I get another new property
VERIFIED7 Broomfields Road, Whitford, Auckland
I would not hesitate in recommending Tina Gao to market and sell your property. She acted in a truly professional manner at all times and delivered what she said she would achieve.

(1 = Not likely, 10 = Very likely)
2 Mellons Bay Road, Howick, Auckland
Tina was very professional, efficient, and well connected. Aside from being an excellent sales agent, it was also good to get to know her.
VERIFIED273 Point View Link, East Tamaki Heights, Auckland
Tina is very calm and professional. She always seems at least one step ahead and understands the dynamics of marketing and selling a property. She appears to have a wide personal network and knows how to get maximum exposure of the property. We would certainly recommend Tina to friends and neighbours.
22 Marendellas Drive, Bucklands Beach, Auckland
Tina promised me a 'happy ending' as I'd previously had 2 unsatisfactory experiences with estate agents. It took a while due to the current market, but I got my happy ending! Tina is impressively hard working and professional at every stage of the process. I personally think it's a bonus to have an agent who effectively moves between Chinese and English speaking buyers.
VERIFIED202g Mellons Bay Road
Tina is a lovely person. Very helpful during the entire process especially as we are both new to the real estate process in NZ. Arranged for us to see the house as many times as we wanted. Tina behaved in a courteous and professional manner at all times.

(1 = Not likely, 10 = Very likely)
VERIFIED49 Murvale Drive, Bucklands Beach, 奥克兰新西兰
very organised, professional and hard work

(1 = Not likely, 10 = Very likely)
VERIFIED109 Waller Avenue, Bucklands Beach, Auckland
Tina , not a agent , she’s a terminator! Want your house sold want results , this is the person to use .

(1 = Not likely, 10 = Very likely)
47 Takutai Avenue, Half Moon Bay, Auckland
Many thanks for selling the family home in such a short marketing time frame. It is a testament to your realty skills. What a huge relief to us that the reserve price was reached given the fast pace in which the Auckland market is changing. For a small piece of dirt it is a great result. So again fantastic result, and I hope this sale puts Team Tina firmly on everyone’s wish list in 2016 for marketing their properties
51a Howe Street, Howick, Auckland
Tina achieved a great result for us within just two weeks. She helped us with her professional suggestions , worked hard with attention to details and was very patient during the process.

(1 = Not likely, 10 = Very likely)

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